Hungry For Pranks! 9 Fun Food Pranks and More DIY Prank Ideas

Whoops, did your friend just prank you into drinking ketchup instead of soda? Discover playful food pranks that will bring you a back-to-school vibe! Learn how to use mayonnaise as a creamy topping for your homemade cakes or doughnuts. Want to surprise your friend with an Apple Watch gift? We’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for all of that and many more DIY prank ideas!

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00:04 Chocolate Pickled Candy
01:42 Mayo Flavored Doughnut
02:39 Mayonnaise Dessert
04:12 Ketchup Soda
05:36 Apple Watch Literally
07:26 Dorito Gummy Worm
08:35 A Bit Overweight
09:07 Keys Within a Glass of Water
10:29 Ghostly Bathroom Writing

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