25 Funniest Photoshops Ever!

Top Funniest Photoshops Ever! This is the most hilarious crazy collection of the best pictures and celebrity photos modified with photoshop.

Today we look at the 25 funniest photoshops ever. From Kanye to Sharks to Prince Charles The number 1 literally made me laugh out loud.

Girl fire fart
Mom, dad, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend..

Breakdancing old man
Oh You didn’t realize grandfather got the mad skillz yo, I suggest it would be in your best interest to recognize

Prince Charles
What the royal family really spends their time doing

Hand face
Piercing are so 2000

Kim Jong-un
The legendary Kim Jong-un out for a ride on his mighty steed

baby face
Taking baby face to the next level

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian in 10 years

Hill Billy wedding
A true Hill Billy wedding. All the signs: pregnant, smoking, flip flops, rottweiler dog, cut off sleeves, missin teeth, mullet, trailer, and a gosh darn hostess wedding cake

Is this my daughter or my brother, brother?

Lord of the kitties

Nicholas Cage
We’re now live with Antoine “Nicholas Cage” Dodson.. Well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln park, he’s climbin in you’re windows he’s snatchin’ your people up tryin’ to rape em.

Indians with Lightsabers
This was after a showing of Stars Wars Episode III in India. They were pissed what George Lucas has done to the franchise.

Moob face
You know It’s time to lose weight when your moobs work as alien eyes

Queen stache
Queen Elizabeth during movember

Baby perch
Every parent has wished their kids could stay kids forever. Apparently This one’s trying to do something about it.
(wrestler in training that baby is gonna have some neck.)

Vin diesel
Even more rare than the mona lisa is Leonardo’s Vin de Lisa

Israelites partying? Moses layin the smackdown with the steel chair. And You know god is on the top rope.

50 cent
50 bieber or Justin cent?

DJ Stephen Hawking on the ones and twos.

Grocery Bags
This is exactly how I feel getting groceries from the car sometimes.

Shark selfie
OMG I am SO posting this on Facebook
(This will make an awesome selfie!)

Lil Bean
This is British rapper lil bean

American World Cup alpine ski racer and Tiger Woods girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, excited about her crutches.

This African tribeswoman seriously doubting that this is not butter.
(cannot believe this is not butter.)

And now for the number 1 funniest photoshop. For more videos like this subscribe here.

I’ll Give you to 3 to get this. 3 .2 1. This is lord of the rings Gollum staring at his precious.

Which photoshop did you find the funniest?

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